Celebrate the Fourth of July with These Homemade Craft Ideas for Kids

Use these Fourth of July crafts that are fun for the whole family.

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate the Fourth of July. From backyard barbecues to firework displays there are lots of ways to celebrate. Get patriotic and celebrate Independence Day by making a few Fourth of July crafts with your kids. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Painted Fireworks.

Make your own fireworks in the comfort of your own home without the fire danger. Using construction paper, paint, hand wipes, and a little glitter, get a little messy and make a hand print fireworks display. Set down some newspapers to keep your workspace clean and go to town you’re your craft. Paint your hands (use non-toxic washable paint) and make hand prints on the construction paper in a firework like pattern. Wipe your hands when finished with the paint and decorate with glitter. It’s a fun, easy project for the Fourth of July.

Patriotic Streamers.

Add a few homemade decorations to your Fourth of July festivities with this craft. Using toilet paper rolls, red, white, and blue paint, glitter, red and blue streamers, scissors, yarn, and tape, create festive Fourth of July streamers. Start by painting the toilet paper rolls white and then let them dry. While they’re drying cut the paper streamers into 12 inch strips and then cut the vertically in half to create skinny streamers. Once the toilet paper rolls are dry, let your kids decorate. Using paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and more, let your kids get creative. Once the designs are finished, use the tape to attach the streamers to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Punch a couple holes into the top of the toilet paper roll so that you can thread yarn to hand up your streamer.

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