Education Can Help You Live Longer!

New studies show that education can extend our years.

Americans are living longer nowadays for a number of reasons, including a better diet and improved healthcare. But many studies now show a strong correlation between life expectancy and education. The average life expectancy in America is higher these days than any other period in history! Similarly, the percent of people aged 65 and older with a Bachelor’s degree significantly increased from 1950 to 2003.

Studies now indicate that people with better health tend to be educated. They also tend to have better jobs with higher incomes and access to better healthcare coverage than uneducated people. A recent Harvard Medical School study found that people with more than 12 years of formal education live around 18 months longer than those with fewer years of schooling. It all comes down to the fact that the more education you have, the less likely you are to smoke. Only 10 percent of adults with an undergraduate degree smoke, while 35 percent of adults with a high school education or less do. College, in turn, lowers the number of deaths from cancer and heart disease.

Going to college also requires some level of self-discipline and organization, which are characteristics of people with a significantly lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Focusing on a task requires brainpower, and the more of that you use, the less likely you are to develop the disease. Learning languages could also help in that department, as people who learn a second language fluently tend to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life than those who only speak one. Remember that it’s never too late to start!

Being educated can also have a great social impact on you. Going to college usually improves social communications and your immediate network, leading to better relationships. In turn, this can lower stress levels.

Education breeds healthier behavior, higher incomes, stronger brainpower, and more meaningful social connections – all things that can help us live longer!

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