The Concept of the Student-Created Google Classroom

Through the use of technology, the Literature Circle experience is greatly enhanced.

In the learning process within the Literature Circle dynamic, there are important elements. These include book selection, job assignments, chapters read, and digital platform use. Since many classrooms across America are familiar with the Google Classroom platform, students created Google classroom classes for their Literature Circle book groups.

In some groups, one student assumes the role of teacher for the week, and then this position is rotated in addition to the roles in the Literature Circles. This allows students to submit digital evidence in the form of Google Docs, BookSnaps, and/or other applications that were selected. In other groups, all members join as ‘teachers’ for their class. This way, students move from a passive learning environment into an active role.

In the app, students can post reminders in the class stream and comment when necessary. School appropriate chat rules apply, and students who do not adhere to the code of conduct can be muted and even have their comments deleted from the stream. That way, the content is kept appropriate to the topic at hand.

Students are also encouraged to select and customize the class theme of their Literature Circle Google Classroom class. They can choose from the themes available in the classroom, or upload their own pictures. Students can take it in turns to change the class theme, giving each group member an opportunity to get involved.

Students post digital resources including links to audiobooks and PDFs of their books so that the group members can complete assigned reading at home even if they leave their books at school. They are encouraged to use the digital tools and resources throughout the year!

Gone are the days when students needed to learn complicated access codes to get into Google Classroom. With API, inviting a student to a Classroom is easy! All you have to do is send out an invite to that particular student, and it will be customized to his or her needs in the Classroom.

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