Student-Run Tech Initiatives Empowers & Prepares Them for the Future

When it comes to the facet of technology, it is the young students who have become the masters and teach what they know.

Creekside Middle School in Patterson, CA rolled out over 1,000 new Chromebooks for the students which meant that the teachers needed to get many professional development sessions in order to answer any questions the students had regarding the new technology.

After seeing the effects that the training had on their (seemingly) ancient teachers, students began asking if they, too, could attend these training sessions. Kerry McWilliams, former principal at the school, said yes but only if the students taught their own peers.

Thus began Tech Boost, a biannual conference in which the student experts teach other students how to code, create fun video games, design awesome web pages, and even apps for their smartphones.

Current Creekside Principal, Cathy Aumoeualogo, knows that the potential is there, in the students, they just have to unlock it. “It’s about tapping into the student talent that is already there. The teachers and administrators just had to plan how to fit it into the semester.”

When Children Teach, They Gain Valuable Future Skills

Students who help teach, or “student geniuses” as they call them, gain real-world learning experience while earning credit for an academic course. It’s a win-win: the student is able to gain real-world experience and for their hard work, they gain valuable credit to help them in their academic careers.

With their acquired real-world tech skills and the confidence to wield them, these students graduate school as empowered technology leaders, confident in their own voice.

It is important to encourage both boys AND girls to use their leadership skills and teach their students. Computer science is a heavily male-dominated field which many girls find hard to get into.

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