How New Sony Digital Tools Will Promote Active Learning

How New Sony Digital Tools Will Promote Active Learning

New Sony technology will help make learning more relatable for children by promoting a thing called, “active learning.”

The classroom of today is nothing like the factory-like conditions of boring rows of desks, dull blackboards, and expressionless faces. Electronics giant Sony is now adding even more flexibility to the classroom of the 21st century. Earlier this year, Sony announced two lamp-free, LaserLite projectors and a brand new collaboration tool called Vision Exchange.

The projectors, both the VPL – PHZ10 and the VPL – PWZ10, will have enhanced picture quality, a wide lens shift range for all sorts of classrooms, and single cable interface–effectively removing all confusion that past models had with all sorts of confusing wires that went every which way.

Yoshi Koike, Sony’s marketing manager for business projectors says “Projector users need options since every room is different with varying installation and environmental challenges.”

Active Learning to Boost Student Engagement

Active learning classrooms give students the opportunity to engage, collaborate, and learn in an environment that taps into that children-curiosity and creativeity–which, let’s admit it, can drive us up the wall sometimes.

Active learning can affect more than just the way the student learns. Hawthorne Elementary in Baltimore, MD installed these projectors. The school found that after breaking up the school day and implementing this form of active learning, that there were fewer incidents of acting out and disciplinary problems.

While it is important to accommodate collaboration, discussion, reading, writing, and problem-solving using these great feats of technology, they also have to feel like they belong not to the teachers or administrators, but to the students. They need to reflect their unique personalities and preferences in order for the students to truly grasp the new concept of active learning.

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