Coding is Finding Its Way Into the Minds of the Young

Coding is gradually making its way from the minds of adults and into the hands and minds of the young.

Thanks largely in part to the STEM program embraced by so many American schools, more and more children are being taught the essence of coding.

Let’s take the example of Tampa Preparatory School. It has taken the plunge into teaching its students coding. Tenth graders at the Florida school can choose a STEM-focused curriculum that offers courses in Robot C, C programming, and Swift iOS app development for Apple devices.

Director of technology at Tampa Prep Chad Lewis says that the STEM focus requires students to at least be entering Algebra II in 10th grade, in addition to having good grades in all prior math and science classes. These STEM students may opt for coding-specific courses that feature Python programming that can be utilized to construct applications on Apple devices.

Tampa Prep also offers a Cyber Patriot Club for “white hat” hacking–a sort of moral hacking in which an employed engineer tests the security of websites–as well as a Coding for Girls camp in order to create more interest in this male-dominant field.

The importance of coding is too important not to be included in any school’s curriculum.

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