What Is “Anytime, Anywhere Learning”

There are many districts that are reconfiguring their classrooms to fit a more mobile student experience, which allows students to have “anytime, anywhere learning.” 

Here are a few ways that schools are embracing the “anytime, anywhere learning” and the benefits it is having on students.

Classrooms are now filled with rolling chairs, mobile student desks, and the most up-to-date technology, which allows teachers to redesign their classroom space for many kinds of student collaborations and interactive lessons. During the students’ down time (before school, lunch, or after school), the students can still collaborate, like in the newly renovated common spaces–much like we see on college campuses.

The National Education Association cites research from 1989 that reports that cooperation among teams leads to higher achievement.

New STEM Skills – Require Collaboration

The World Economic Forum states that we are currently in the fourth Industrial Revolution. Teachers have begun to realize that there are certain 21st-century skills that every student must have if they are to succeed in our new world.

The most in-demand occupations did not exist ten years ago–before the digital age. Lucy Gray, an independent education consultant had this to say: “Collaboration, communication, and creativity should be a big part of what they are doing.”

Classroom renovations that allow students to embrace these new technologies and learn how to collaborate can help prepare them for the real world.

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