The Benefits of 2-in-1 Devices: How a School Can Benefit

Hybrid devices can be extremely beneficial in school because they combine the convenience and flexibility of multiple devices.

Hybrid devices have always been an integral part of the advancement of technology as people look to mix the best features of different devices into a new, and therefore more convenient, device. Here are few ways that schools can benefit from using 2-in-1 devices.

Flexible for Classroom Use

Touchscreen tablets with detachable Bluetooth keyboards offers flexibility in how these devices can be used–depending on how each student prefers to use the device – which can ultimately increase productivity.

They also offer a cheaper alternative: rather than buying two devices separately, the simple purchase of a hybrid device allows for dual-use.

Durability – Critical in an Educational Setting

Districts looking to make the investment to roll out 2-in-1 devices often worry about durability. Finding a model that is considered to be tough enough for student use can be daunting – but fortunately they exist and we at D&D are experts in assisting schools in finding the right mobile device. Battery life is also something to consider. Many older school facilities have few outlets in each room; a long battery life may be necessary to keep all devices going throughout the school day.
Additionally, protecting the devices with a case can save you big time.

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