Personalized Classrooms Require Flexibility

According to a recent study, flexible classrooms can boost student performance by as much as 25%.

Schools are rapidly adopting a personalized learning method where the teachers construct their curriculum to best match the needs and abilities of each student. This allows students to have more one-on-one time with their teachers, but it can also encourage more collaboration within the classroom.

A student’s physical learning space needs to be adjusted in order to help promote personalization. This includes areas that are colorful, comfortable, well lit, and furniture that is flexible. When students are comfortable in their learning space their learning and productivity increases. According to a study performed in 2013, a comfortable learning space can boost student performance by up to 25 percent!

Vallecito Elementary School, which sits in the outer suburbs of San Francisco, has changed its curriculum to fit this standard. “We might say to the students, ‘We’re going to have you work in pairs, but you can choose to work on the floor, go to the bench outside, sit over here, or stand.’ They’re so happy to be given choices about how and where they complete their work.” That’s Tracy Smith, principal of Vallecito Elementary School.

Giving kids the option to determine how they will learn can have clear and positive results.

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