Classroom Technology Boosts Fun (and Learning)

Technology can be fun – but it can also increase a student’s desire to learn.

The Brief:

  • A survey of 20,000 students and teachers asked the individuals what they thought about technology in and out of the classroom, finding an interesting divide between students and teachers, and a difference among generations.
  • According to the data, 80 percent of teachers think technology applications can make learning fun while only 51 percent of students thought the same. Thirty-eight percent of teachers believed that apps could help them teach while only 66 percent of students reported it could help them learn.
  • Between Millennials and Gen Z students, the younger Gen Z-ers are 28 percent more likely to say tech helps them learn faster than traditional ways and 24 percent were more likely to say that it makes learning fun. However, Gen Z-ers also say that apps are 6 percent less likely to help them learn and 5 percent less likely to say the apps are a good use of their time.

The Insight:

  • Just like how some schools begin tech initiatives without ever consulting teachers who are expected to make it a success, administrators often fail to ask the ones who are suppose to ultimately benefit: the students. School-wide surveys are easy ways to gather data from large groups about how they see technology as an educational tool. In many cases, the survey measures how well the teachers are integrating technology and if their apps are productive.
  • In another study, they found 75 percent of teachers use educational technology in their classrooms and 50 percent have 1:1-device programs. The 1:1 device partnership is up approximately 10 percent from last year and teachers are already saying that they expect their use of technology to increase throughout the year.

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