A Few Tips on Becoming “Future Ready”

A Few Tips on Becoming "Future Ready"

The 21st Century is here and it is important for the advancement of our children to become “future ready.” 

Our kids are the future, and it is up to us to create an environment in which they can thrive. If we do not invest in our children; we do not invest in our future. Of course, you may look at the political landscape in early 2017 and come to the opposite conclusion, but let’s remember that progress is incremental. The availability of technology can help us give children the best skills to live well and productively in the 21st century.

In Revere High School, located in Massachusetts a few miles north of Boston, there exists a large diverse population of students, with almost one-third of residents identifying as foreign-born in the U.S. census.

Over half of the Revere High School students are Latino–51 percent of these students are considered “high-needs” and 34 percent are economically disadvantaged.

The principal of Revere High School, Lourenco Garcia, set out to transform the high school. His key goal was to focus on the future and making sure that his students were prepared for the 21st century with the technological skills needed to succeed in the new workforce that awaited them once they graduate.

His first goal was to change the culture in the school: changing the mindset and belief systems and making sure his teachers understood their roles in the classroom.

Garcia led the 1:1 device initiative and was able to build unity around his vision. Student-centered learning communities helped teachers feel ownership over the transformation and gave them a primary role. “When you support teachers, they feel their work has been valued,” said Garcia.

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