Technological Trends of the 21st Century Classroom

Technological Trends of the 21st Century Classroom

Technology is making its way into the classroom and it is going to change the way our students learn. 

Education is universally seen as the foundation from which civil and advanced societies form. In recent years, thanks to the upward trends in technology, there have been efforts to improve the quality of education and increase the access to educational resources. The old way of teaching certainly has its flaws and while the new methods may seem scary, that’s only because they are new and bring a sense of the unknown. Here are new educational technology trends and how they will change learning.

  1. Virtual & Augmented Reality
    Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have made huge gains in the past year alone. A VR headset could help learners experience other places and cultures without ever leaving the classroom. It can show them historical figures, historic civilizations, planets and solar systems and galaxies, and even zoom-in to see the smallest particles in the universe.
  2. Artificial Intelligence
    AI can seem a bit scary, but before you freak out, you should know that there are plenty of AI technologies out there interacting with us on a daily basis. But as AIs get smarter, it will complement the human teacher. AI may be able to identify where individual students are struggling and act as an after-school tutor for those children or even assist the teacher during the lesson.
  3. 3D Printing
    3D printing may be able to print out geographical representations, body parts like the heart or brain, or even print out certain concepts that may be hard to grasp. Printing isn’t limited to Earthly things, it could print out the strange surface of Mars, the Red Planet.

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