How Google Arts and Culture Can Enrich Lessons

Being exposed to different cultures and people is the best way children grow to be empathetic and caring adults.

Imagine being able to take a class field trip to the late Cretaceous Period and learning about the massive dinosaurs that used to roam the land while being able to look them in the eye. Or going back to the early twentieth century to see the impact the Industrial Revolution had on the U.S. While this concept may have been science fiction when you went to school, technology has pushed it across the barrier into reality. Thanks to the augmented and virtual reality of Google Arts and Culture, your children and students can travel to any point in time and space and study what they want.

  1. The Efficient and Immersive Museum Exploration
    Google has partnered up with museums across the world to give people the ability to take a full tour of these museums from Chicago to London to Australia. While field trips should still remain a part of a district’s curriculum, this can bring museums that are out of reach–say another continent–right in front of their eyes.
  2. Get Close and Personal to Great Works of Art
    Art inspires – and virtual museums allow a student to get as close as they want to a painting. They can zoom in on the brush strokes and get an understanding of the work that went into each stroke.
  3. Experiencing History
    What better way to learn about history than actually being there? The VR team at Google Arts and Culture have constructed interactive exhibits. A great exhibit on display is the African American history which lets visitors explore and learn about the strife of our very own citizens.

The more our children get exposed to different cultures the better understanding they will have. Their worldview will expand further than just their backyard–something that all people need to do in order to become caring and understanding people.

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