Technology Brings Online Safety in K-12 Schools

From cyberbullying to computer viruses, students face many threats every time they log on the web.

The internet is a great tool to encourage collaboration and accessing information and resources. But, as we all have seen, it can also be a place that’s rife with internet trolls, cyberbullies, and hackers. Technological advances like the function of “safe search” have done much to combat these issues but the threat is still very real. Here are a few functions that can help your K-12 students stay safe while they surf the internet at school.

Filters that Crack Down On Cyberbullies

Make sure that your students are protected from the dangers that lurk in the dark corners of the internet. Hackers, cyberbullies, and inappropriate websites can damage the student and your system. Filters that sift through the garbage can change a student’s attitude. “Research shows that when adolescents are alerted to rethink their decisions, they change their minds 93 percent of the time.”

Instead of putting the burden on the victim to block the cyberbully, we need to focus on the bully and make them responsible for their actions. It’s the only way to combat the poison that affects the internet.

Web Filters and Built-In Device Features

Even the most studious and well-trusted students still need a safety net. Chromebooks may be your answer. They are inexpensive, well made, and Google for Education says the devices were designed so that no additional security software had to be bought and installed.

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