Kiddle: The Google-Powered Search for Kids

Kiddle: The Google-Powered Search for Kids

Google-themed portal designed to keep kids safe while they surf the net looking for class research topics.

We can’t imagine a world without Google: it’s the main way many of us find the answers to most, if not all, of our questions. From “how many cups in a gallon?” to “how many galaxies are there in the observable universe?”. This concept may sound alien to our young readers, but there was a time where we were forced to go all the way to library and scroll through endless index cards just to find a source. Being able to search the internet makes researching a breeze (of course, finding reputable sources can be quite a challenge).

Though not directly affiliated with the tech giant, Google, the results that are found through Kiddle’s search engine are powered by Google and are tailored to meet the needs of kids. The top seven results will be sites that have been “handpicked and checked” by Kiddle editors to ensure they are perfect for kids.

Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids that is powered by its editors and Google safe search. It allows kids to do searches of all kinds: web, images, news, or video! Once a child enters the query into the search bar, Kiddle will pile up a list with related links. The first three results will include safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids. The four to seven results will feature sites that are written in simple language so that children can easily comprehend what they are researching. The results coming in eighth and beyond, are written for adults but are still filtered by Google safe search, but may be harder for children to comprehend.

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