How Educators Can Use Social Media to Increase Engagement

By using digital tools, teachers can promote more activity and engagement within the classroom.

You don’t often see social media being used in classrooms (at least not in a positive way). The reality is that social media is engrained in almost everything we do. In spite of that, only 13 percent of K-12 teachers use social media in the classroom. If used correctly, it can become a tool that helps students interact and better engage in the classroom.

Instagram Can Reinforce Classroom Learning

Photos and videos can be a powerful learning tool. For students, finding pictures or videos that represent abstract concepts like math or cool science videos can strike their curiosity to learn more and perform better in class. Just point, shoot, and post! It’s so easy any student can do it (and odds are they are already better at it than most adults).

Twitter to Reinforce Class Citizenship

Many companies use Twitter to engage with customers, so why can’t teachers do the same? Twitter is an easy platform to quickly transfer information. Accounts can be managed by the teachers or by the students. Tweets can be simple reminders about homework or projects due, or posting links to helpful educational videos.

It can also be used to help the shy kids engage in class more since anonymity often relieves social anxiety.

Live Broadcasts

Give your students an opportunity to learn more about the world we all live in. Set up a live broadcast conference call with another classroom from around the world. It gives students an opportunity to realize that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

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