How to Enhance the Audio of Your Classroom

How to Enhance the Audio of Your Classroom

Systems designed to enhance audio in the classrooms have shifted from just increasing the amplification.

Teachers now have the ability to project their voice throughout the entire classroom so that students can hear more efficiently, without busting any young eardrums. A system called Flexcat by Lightspeed also allows teachers to listen in on up to six distinct clusters of students to make sure that more work is being done, rather than tomfoolery. Teachers can monitor their students from a distance, giving students the opportunity to act independently while giving kids the opportunity to receive help if they need it.

The main positive that can be drawn from this is that classrooms become much more engaged. Students can work on many different projects and teachers being able to manage the classroom. In the old days, it used to be about amplifying the teacher’s voice so that everyone could hear it, which may not have been as effective. Although this system can be loud if it needs to, this uses strategic placement to make sure that every student can hear the teacher. It also allows the teacher to listen in on students while they are working on a group project. Students feel more pressure when the teacher is standing over their shoulder, but with this system, teachers can make sure that they are getting their work done from a distance, giving the student sufficient breathing room to get the best out of them. Additionally, if a student needs help, the teacher will only be only a few yards away if a student needs help.

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