How Technology Can Help Children With Autism

How Technology Can Help Kids With Autism

Digital tools can help students with learning disabilities communicate and gain confidence. But how?

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of every 68 children in the U.S. falls on the Autism Disorder Spectrum. While it’s true that kids born in the 21st century are considered to be “digital natives,” children with autism also find themselves most comfortable with a device in their hands. Kids with autism are visual learners, so having a screen in front of them is a valuable tool for the learning process. A huge part of school, apart from receiving an education, is learning how to navigate social situations. Autistic children often avoid social interactions, but with technology, it can bolster their confidence and help bridge the gap between them and other kids. Here are some ways that technology can help children with autism.

  1. Increased Verbal Skills

Visual scene displays are apps that assist children that struggle with verbal and communication skills. The screen creates interactive displays and stories with text-to-speech capability to narrate sentences and scenes.

  1. Promotes Confidence for These Kids

Forcing children with autism out of their comfort zone typically does not have positive results. Technology can certainly help. There is a robot called Sphero, which is modeled after Star Wars’ BB-8 robot. These little robots travel alongside the user by following a wristband, which can then encourage them to seek adventure and leave their comfort zone.

  1. Improving Social Skills

These students find it difficult to learn by sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher; research shows they learn by doing, experiencing, and constructing. Technology flips the standard classroom model and allows students to work collaboratively using computer-aided design programs, robots, and 3D printing. Developing their natural abilities with technology can do wonders for their self-confidence.

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