Robots and STEM Technology in English Class?

Robots and STEM Technology in English Class?

Rarely mentioned alongside English and literature, Robots and STEM technology can actually be a good fit for these subjects.

English class is often seen as that old-school class which dives into the literary greats and uses critical thinking to find metaphors, symbolism, and allegorical comparisons to society. The only time you hear of robots in English class is when you’re reading the great Isaac Asimov or H.G. Wells; but robots can be more than the plot of science fiction novels. English teachers around the country are now finding new, interesting, and innovative ways to incorporate robots to help support their curriculum. Here are some of the ways English teachers are finding uses for robots in their classroom.

  1. Technology Can Help Analyze Solutions

One of the fundamental properties of English class is the analyzing of characters: Why does Gatsby suffer? For what does Atticus Finch stand? Are some animals truly more equal than others? By using LittleBits and 3D printers, teachers can encourage kids to find tech-based solutions to characters’ problems.

  1. Help Create Connections Between Writing and Programming

One of the reasons that technology and English class are not often associated is because one is written in English and the other is written in code. Students can collaborate by programing the journey of a character; thereby connecting with that character while learning to write code.

  1. Helps Create Empathy

One teacher created a maze to help students understand the treacherous path to the New World. “The conversation we had afterwards about these explorers coming to the New World was amazing,” the teacher said. She reported that they went from programming these robots to talking about the bigger ideas and themes of the novel.

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