Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay and That’s the Reality of It

Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay and That’s the Reality of It

Beyond field trips VR headsets can enhance education like never before.

Remember when field trips would be limited to museums and historical sights that were relatively close to your school? Nowadays, kids are not only visiting the greatness of museums but also blasting off to the moons of Jupiter and exploring the depth of the Marianas Trench. With a bit of software, they are studying the tombs of Egypt or checking out U.S. landmarks they’ve only read about in history class. Here are the ways in which virtual reality is making a difference and why it’s here to stay.

It Engages the Imagination

“Engage,” said Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Experts predict that virtual reality will revolutionize education. What were once just words in a textbook can now come alive through virtual reality. Students can read about a place or event and virtually travel there within seconds and visually see it. This will immerse kids in education and get them excited about learning and finding their passions.

Useful Teaching Tool

Visual teaching and visual learning go hand-in-hand. Anytime you want to see something–a proton, a magnetic field, the human brain cell–virtual reality will be able to bring it right to your eyes. Physics equations and chemistry reactions now have visual aids that can help children comprehend these tangible problems and processes. Instead of having to visualize abstract concepts like numbers, they will be able to have virtual animations and objects to help them learn.

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