Open Courses Hope to Engage Girls in STEM Fields

Open Courses Hope to Engage Girls in STEM Fields

History tells us that including women in STEM fields results in breakthroughs.

For centuries, women were not allowed to learn to read or even be interested in science and technology. This antiquated way of thinking resulted in science, technology, engineering and math to be “men only” fields. Just think about it…. Try naming five famous scientists. How many of them are men? Fortunately for us, women remained vigilant and around the late 19th century, women slowly began to break into these fields and make a real impact. Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Henrietta Swan Leavitt all made significant contributions to science that affected our lives in one way or another–even to this day! Men still largely dominate these fields. So efforts are being made to encourage more girls to enter these fields.

Girls in STEM is an online resource that is available to everyone but aimed at inspiring girls.

  • Supporting Girls in STEM is an introductory course that teaches parents and teachers the strategies to inspire girls to stay engaged in STEM.
  • He Named Me Malala: Inspiring Girls in STEM is a course that teaches high school teens about Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and examines her passion for bringing education to girls.
  • Think Like a Scientist is a course on lab safety procedures, measurements and microscopy–it teaches students about the importance of safety glasses, face masks, and wearing the appropriate safety gear when dealing with chemicals and the like.
  • Think Like a Physicist is a course for high school students to explore the forces of the universe and conduct hands-on experiments.

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