Steps to an Education That’s Ready for the Future

Steps to an Education That’s Ready for the Future

Initiatives are about more than simply buying the newest technology.

No matter where a school district may be, schools across the U.S. are recognizing the importance of adopting technology in preparation for the learning demands that the future will bring. In other words, they are becoming “future ready.” At the beginning of 2016, the Department of Education released its 2016 National Technology Plan and celebrated the very first anniversary of its Future Ready School Initiative. In order for districts to be fully prepared for whatever the future may bring, it must go beyond buying the newest technology. Here are some steps for schools and administrators to consider that will help bring future-ready momentum to the classroom.

  1. Align leadership and resource with goals. Behind every successful initiative is a series of stepping stones to reach the desired goal. Having the right talent to push the momentum is key to the entire process of success.
  2. Assess where your schools are now. Measuring where your schools lie is a great way for school districts and administrators to understand the realities of their vision. Good areas to measure are collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as creativity and innovation.
  3. Create a professional development plan for future-ready skills. Once you’ve identified skills and focus areas, getting the leadership infrastructure in place supports your initiative – but a school must also equip their team with the appropriate tools.

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