Tech Priorities for the Coming School Year

To improve student experience, school districts will want to add these valuable technologies.

Over 50 million students will be returning to school this year and school districts have been spending the summer upgrading classroom technology in preparation for their return. After all the work that is done throughout the summer, IT administrators still look for ways to continually improve throughout the school year as well. As another academic year begins, here are some technology priorities that many school districts have invested in to improve their student experience and give them the best opportunity to engage.


Many schools have avoided mobile devices from entering their campus, but they is here to stay. Schools that allow (or provided) devices on campus have gained teaching and curriculum flexibility from new notebook and tablets that you can attach keyboards and other useful technologies.


To get the most out of mobile devices on campus, schools need a high-performance network that can handle growing traffic volumes coming from hundreds of mobile devices and computers on their local area networks (LANs).

Digital Interactive Projectors

Digital interactive projectors immerse students in learning. Instead of having to read things from textbooks as our parents did, students will literally be able to interact with this projector to bring up content on a suitable surface. It could be most useful in teaching kids math: by using illustrations and animations, it can make math more entertaining and engaging.

3D Printing

This can help bring student ideas into fully formed objects. Whether it be an art project or engineering project, it will definitely make kids excited about learning.

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