How Students Benefit from Technology Integration

We want our children to have the best learning experience and with the implementation of technology we can do just that.

Technology places students right in the middle of learning, and evidence for its benefits is clear. The use of technology not only boosts collaboration opportunities and student retention but also makes information more accessible, as 95 percent of students with a connection to the world wide web use the internet for research.

Technology also makes learning accessible for everyone and broadens opportunities to learn. With the presence of telecommunication, it makes it possible for students to be connected to the classroom throughout a long medical absence.

As we progress into the 21st century, technology will only be more and more integrated into our lives. While some of you may shudder at the fact, the truth is that technology has always been by our side: sticks, abacuses, computers, smartphones . . . it’s all technology that has only helped civilization progress.

Technology should be available to everyone not just the privileged. Eighty percent of K-12 schools have insufficient bandwidth for their current needs. That’s 8 out of every 10 schools! And 29 percent of teachers with students who are from low-income households believe their school is behind the curve on internet speeds.

To benefit from the technological advancements we must provide all students with the best opportunity possible. When students are given the opportunity and encouraged to learn, they can do amazing things and pass even our highest expectations. Technology helps education by making it more interactive than ever before. Contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by clicking here.