Learning Through Tinkering & Play

One of the main objectives of educators is to create the best possible learning environment… and research shows it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Around the globe technology companies, like AT&T, have invested in developing a workforce with the STEM skills needed to grow the company and advance their industry. Many experts argue that the most important skill to have in the 21st century isn’t related to a specific technology or subject but rather skills such as imagination, problem solving, problem identification, teamwork, creativity, and then the ability to execute these skills into their chosen field.

For children in the classroom, developing these skills can be as simple as playing with LEGOs. Just using their hands to build something leads to an increase in brain activity; this is especially true in a child. According to research, nothing activates a child’s brain like playing. And, when given the opportunity, they naturally gravitate towards building STEM skills during constructive play. This kind of play–especially with building blocks–can help children discover and develop key principles in math and geometry.

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