Getting Creative With Your Presentation Tools

New digital tools can take the anxiety out of student presentations.

Class presentations can be a great way for students to synthesize knowledge, practice public speaking, and interact with their classmates. There may be, however, some drawbacks. Standing up in front of peers and giving a public speech can be absolutely crippling, especially for those students who have anxiety. There are tools that can reduce student anxiety by encouraging a creative approach that not only builds tech and design skills, but can also turn the dread of public speaking into something more manageable (and possibly even fun for some). Here are a few presentation tools which may help students become better public speakers while engaging in education in a fun way.

  1. Prezi
    Price: Free; $59 for the Pro version
    Grades: 8-12
    Prezi provides a unique 3D zoom animation to move between slides during an online presentation. With this function, students can train their visual design skills by creating custom animation paths to maximize the zooming effect.
  2. Glogster
    Price: Free; $39-$390 per year
    Grades: 2-12
    Accessible to all ages, Glogster is a great website for creating a blog or “glog”, which are online posters that contain text, images, and multimedia elements. This platform teaches digital design and pushes students to think both creatively and critically. Students can post their online posters (aka glogs) on Glogpedia, the social network where users interact with other creators. Note: privacy settings can be monitored to avoid internet trolls.

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