The New Features for Google Education

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New functions and product releases from Google bring lessons to life and make it easier for teachers to engage students. 

Google is redesigning online education tools in ways we’ve never seen before and has recently announced that it is expanding its K-12 toolkit with new features. Schools and districts will now have access to two new learning-focused offerings: Google Expeditions, a virtual reality app, and the Chrome app for Google Cast for education. They will also enjoy time-saving upgrades to the Quizzes function in Google Forms.

Students Explore With Expeditions

Following the success of its Expeditions Pioneer Program, Google unveiled its Expeditions app to all teachers. This move gives students across the globe the chance to embark on over 200 virtual reality field trips through low-cost cardboard headsets. All teachers have to do is download the app onto the devices.

Connect With Google Cast

Google Cast simplifies screen sharing in both directions: By using the devices they already own and bring into the classroom, students can display their screen on the projector at the front of the room, and teachers can share their screen with the students’ devices. All video and audio sharing is wireless, so teachers cut the cords that tie him/her to the front of the room and can make learning more engaging for students, which has proven to be a more effective way of teaching.

Google Quiz Improvements

Educators will be able to grade their students automatically. The upgrade to Quizzes also lets teachers provide immediate feedback for incorrect answers. This quick feedback will provide more 1:1 attention and make students feel like they are being cared for.

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