Interactive Projection Shows Positive Promise in Education

Interactive Projection Shows Positive Promise in Education

A new Sony prototype projector transforms any surface into an interactive display which gives a new meaning to “hands-on learning.”

There used to be a time where the only surface with which students could interact used to be the blackboard. Now, schools have a choice of blackboards, TVs, projectors, and interactive whiteboards—depending on the needs of the task at-hand. While each of those technologies offers unique benefits, there is a new innovation by Sony that could give students and teachers even greater freedom to manipulate digital content for the betterment of children’s education.

Unveiled at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival this last March, the experimental projector uses depth sensors and motion-tracking technology to transform any surface into an interactive display that all can use.

The representatives at Sony showed off the prototype’s abilities by placing a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland on an ordinary table. The projector recognized the text and illustrations in the book, and projected images and information of the book on the table. The reader could then access this extra information by simply touching the projections on the regular table.

While it may not have incredibly practical application at this very moment, an article in International Business Times explains what the projector could mean one day for the future of education:
“It is not hard to imagine how technology such as this could change school classrooms into an inspiring, interactive table haven, teaching children about classic literature, geographical landmarks and ancient history in a hands-on, engaging manner.”

This hands-on and engaging way of learning is exactly what students want (and need) in order for all students to get the best possible learning experience.

Technology improves each and every day. From blackboards and old-school projectors, to interactive TVs and interactive projections. What will we come up with tomorrow?

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