Microsoft Builds ‘Classroom’ and Offers an Education Alternative

Microsoft Classroom Offers Education Alternative

Microsoft Classroom offers teachers an easier, alternative way to traditional methods of education.

Microsoft Classroom, currently in beta, offers course management features through a homepage where professors/teachers/other educators can post announcements, assign homework, grade that homework, and post calendar events and reminders. The directive of Classroom is to enable teachers to organize, grade, and collaborate in order to provide a better learning environment for educators and students alike.

Classroom works harmoniously with OneNote Class Notebooks, software from Microsoft that provides a personal workspace for each student as well as a content library for handouts and collaboration space.

The company has announced ‘Microsoft School Data Sync’ (SDS) as well. SDS will work alongside Classroom and ‘Microsoft Forms.’ It allows user profiles and class rosters from the district’s database to populate the teachers’ Classroom.

‘Forms’ provides a way for teachers to create surveys and quizzes to get feedback from students and be able to do quick assessments of their students’ progress.

The simplicity of Classroom will hopefully free up a lot of time for teachers so they can spend less time on administrative access to class materials, and more time on students and helping them be the best they can possibly be.

A plus for teachers and parents, but maybe a negative for students that try to use the excuses, “I forgot my textbook,” or, “I forgot my notes”  because these excuses will no longer hold any merit. It’ll all be in Classroom. (Sorry, students, but this is for your own good!)

Students that get more attention from their teacher are proven to succeed better in life, so this technology could transform our future leaders. To learn more about classroom technology, contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by visiting our website.