Cloud Computing Becomes a Powerhouse in Classrooms

Cloud Computing Becomes a Powerhouse in Classrooms

Making the transition into the cloud is giving classrooms new options for how they treat devices and information.

Many school districts are getting significant help as they move from device-centric to learning-centric initiatives. By this we mean that technology is leaving the individual device and being used to assist in teaching, rather than teaching itself. The way that schools are doing this is by using the cloud. Schools utilize the cloud (stored servers composed of billions of terabytes of available space for pretty much anything) to store technology-related files for curriculum such as: pictures, software, videos, games, documents and everything else in between.


One of the upsides of this is that staffers no longer have to download and install every single file on each individual device in the school. This saves the IT staff a lot of time and relieves them of many maintenance responsibilities. Updates and any issues that arise are all taken care of through the cloud itself. School districts today are much more likely to subscribe to a service that’s sitting on someone else’s server; it saves money on having to hire the manpower to access individual devices to install and maintain that service all the time.

Security Concerns

Students and parents must change the conversation from privacy to trust. Parents, of course, want to keep their children as safe as possible, especially when it comes to them surfing the Internet in school. Moving students to a separate virtual LAN is one of the best options out there. Students use the VLAN to access resources that are available in the school or to access a demilitarized zone subnetwork that goes out to the Internet.

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