Computer Science Education: A National & Economic Imperative

Computer Science Education: A National & Economic Imperative

The future is computers, and it’s in our hands to teach the next generation so they can have the best possible advantage.

We’ve all read (or seen) articles written by older folks that love to complain that Millennials are too dependent on technology. The truth is that this recent boom in technology is only the tip of the iceberg and technology is going to become even more integrated into the workforce of tomorrow. We need to start preparing our youngest students for the challenges they’re going to be facing when they enter the workforce of the future, and computer science courses are the way to do that.

This is where the Computer Science Education Coalition comes in. It’s a board group of businesses and NGOs that want to implement computer science classes into every US public school. They are urging Congress to come up with $250 million to ensure that all our K-12 students have the opportunity to take computer science classes.

Both major political parties complain about many American jobs going overseas. One of the many obvious solutions to this problem is to prepare the next generation with the tools American students need to succeed in the 21st century.

Countries like China are already taking the necessary steps to make sure their children have computer science education from a very early age. It’s essential that our children have the same—if not more—opportunities so that our nation doesn’t fall any further behind.

Kids love and are fascinated by computers and other electronic devices. Courses in computer science could channel that interest into something more constructive. Games and social media serve to educate and inspire. Many apps are now teaching many people how to code and how to properly use computers.

Giving our children the best opportunities is essential for their future, our future, and the future of this country.

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