3 Great Apps to Go Paperless

These apps make going paperless a breeze for any classroom.

Our world is changing rapidly. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Going paperless seems to be the way many industries are headed, which is awesome because the less paper we use, the fewer trees we cut down and the fewer habitats and ecosystems are destroyed. Downloading these paper-saving apps can help save an entire species unbeknownst to science or even a family of furry little creatures which depend on the forest for shelter and food. Here are three great apps to go paperless and help save our planet.

  1. Handouts

Price: Free (Pro version is $7.99/month)
The biggest selling point for the app Handouts is that it’s easy to use. Its simplicity and focus is on using pen tools and images to complete and grade work. It’s also a great introduction to the paperless world.

  1. Showbie

Price: Free (Pro version is $11.99/month)
Its super slick design and full feature set make it a favorite among teachers. It’s an all-in-one solution for assigning and grading student work. There’s support for student portfolios, notification, and integration of third parties (like Google docs and Dropbox). You can turn in and grade papers, all in this one app!

  1. Classkick

Price: Free
Classkick is a bit different from the other two apps because it blends paperless with formative assessment. Teachers have the option of monitoring students as they work to make sure they are staying on task. Teachers can give feedback, including adding images, drawing, inputting text and adding Web links; students and teachers share all these tools for creation, opening up possibilities beyond traditional worksheets. Students can “raise their hands” in the app—signaling the teacher they need help.

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