How Digital Tools Are Changing the Educational Landscape

How Digital Tools Are Changing the Educational Landscape

The future is written by change and technology; the classroom is no exception.

Technology has taken a new life and is once again radically changing how we teach, and how we learn. Learn how these 3 digital tools are changing the educational space.

1. Increasing Collaboration

Social media gave new definitions to our meaning of community, so too are digital tools transforming the community of teachers and students. The creation of web-based discussions can become a diverse way for students to interact with one another and their teachers. When they’re integrated soundly, they promote creativity, communication, critical thinking, digital literacy/responsibility, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and global awareness.

2. Enhancing Information and Research

Research projects, as their name suggests, will always involve a fair amount of research. In the Digital Age of Information, we are often saturated with so much information we have a hard time recognizing legitimate sources from faux ones. With new digital tools and education, students are learning how to draw from credible sources and read information from a variety of mediums.

3. Incentive of Learning

Brains love hands on activities. When a student performs an activity that results in them mentally “connecting the dots” for a rewarding result, they are incentivized to continue that activity. The student feels the activity has value (other than just scrolling through countless pictures on Instagram). There are thousands of free digital tools that promote the art of doing, and the process of choosing further engages the student and the art of learning becomes more fun.

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