Display Showdown: Projectors, TVs, or Interactive Whiteboards?

Display Showdown: Projectors, TVs, or Interactive Whiteboards?

Which display device is the best for your classroom? A look at the pros and cons of projectors, TVs, and interactive whiteboards.  

Gone are the days of chalkboards and plain old whiteboards – and while we can all agree that’s good news, not everyone agrees on their replacements. To help, here’s a look at the pros and cons of three of the most popular display options in today’s classrooms: projectors, TVs, and interactive whiteboards.


Pros: Projectors offer high visibility. If you have a large classroom, all you need to do is choose a large enough screen (or, even simpler, a white wall) and move the projector a certain distance away to get a huge picture than can be seen from every angle.

Cons: Because projectors aren’t backlit, they require darker spaces to be clearly visible. Plus, the projector itself can be costly, between bulbs that burn out quickly to the expense of mounting the projector high enough.


Pros: Between their even, bright lighting and high resolution, TVs offer the best picture of the three classroom display options.

Cons: The issue is that, unlike projectors, you’ll need to buy a bigger TV to make things visible in a bigger room. This problem grows the more the room grows, and once you reach a certain classroom size you simply can’t buy a TV large enough to give every student a clear view.

Interactive Whiteboards

Pros: Unlike the other two display options, whiteboards offer tangible interactivity. You can write and display notes on them, and even download software that guides collaborative learning.

Cons: There are very few “cons” to Interactive Whiteboards. Some models tend to have a short lifespan, or bulbs that dim quickly, but they are such are a powerful tool for the teacher and an excellent learning device for the students that the good they do in a classroom quickly outweighs the bad.

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