3 Tech Trends That are Making Their Way Into Education

Today’s classroom is being shaped by tomorrow’s technology. Here are a few tech trends making the biggest splash in education.

Today’s students grow up with technology at the ready, so it’s not surprising that they feel comfortable with smartphones and tablets. What is a little surprising is their comfort with more advanced technology. Here are a few of the biggest tech trends that are already making an impact in education, and on tomorrow’s leaders.

  1. 3D Printing. 3D printing is amazing, and has people excited in nearly every industry. Education is no different, particularly because 3D printing allows students to bring concepts to life in a tangible way. This can be tremendously helpful for young learners. What’s more, the future of 3D printing will be shaped by these students, and a number of today’s learners are equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to become tomorrow’s 3D printer engineers.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. There are a number of ways AI is impacting the classroom. Take this example: cognitive computing is making it easier for research to be categorized, helping educators organize ideas and confirm theories. Another example is robotic toys with artificial intelligence that can engage students with special needs.
  3. Virtual Reality. When students can experience a situation, instead of just being told about it, learning becomes easier. Virtual reality makes this possible, and is predicted to make a huge impact in the classroom in the coming years. Google is working to do that through Google Cardboard devices, and Samsung has its own brand of devices called Gear VR. These tech giants are working to unlock the potential of virtual reality for today’s learners, giving students the opportunity to test out new ideas and concepts in a meaningful, tangible way.

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