Samsung Offers 3 Chromebook Solutions

Samsung Offers 3 Chromebook Solutions

Samsung Comes Out Strong at FETC 2016 With 3 Chromebook Solutions

Google is dominating the in-classroom technology industry with their Chromebook notebook – which is now in over half of K-12 classrooms. But now Samsung is giving Google a run for its money reporting 2.2 million of their Chromebooks distributed in K-12 classrooms.

At FETC 2016, Samsung showed no signs of slowing down, as they unveiled a campaign to have more of a presence in the classroom and released 3 new Chromebook solutions.

Samsung’s three solutions for K-12 districts were: the newest Classroom in a Box, a cloud-based Chrome OS conversion package, and SMART Samsung Chromebook bundle.

Classroom in a Box was first unveiled at ISTE 2015.  It consisted of a program so that schools could make their own one-to-one pilot program, including Galaxy Tab 4 notebooks or Chromebook 2 notebooks.

This year, they unveiled Chromebook 3, along with solutions for math and language arts options with their partner McGraw-Hill Education. The program is ingenious. It can be expanded in 10-device increments depending on the size of the school, which is key for schools who are just embracing using devices in the classroom.

Devices in every industry are the wave of the future and having them in the classroom is a good way to show children that these tools are not just toys, but something useful and an everyday part of work and life.

Electronic giants race to create products that teachers will want in their classrooms, most likely with the notion that students will become familiar with their products at a young age and seek out the same interfaces as full grown adults. The K-12 market is a huge focus of many big companies for this reason.

The good news? The technology race continues to create the most useful learning tools for the next generation.

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