Electronics That Will Impact the Classroom in the Near Future

Future of Classroom Electronics

Here’s a short list of devices that will shape the future of classroom electronics. 

The Consumer Electronics Show recently wrapped up, but the technology it showcased is just getting started. Here are a few of the highlighted electronics that we see making an impact on the future of classroom technology.

Klaxoon Cross-Device Learning Platform

Klaxoon has made a collection of tools designed to support interactive learning on mobile devices. Klaxoon Adventure is a tool used to “gamify” learning and Klaxoon Session has been developed for educators to upload content and create activities. Plus, there are many more products that are used to create interactive learning experiences for the classroom.

Kodak Super 8 Camera

This updated oldie is a tool that has been designed to spark a whole new generation of young independent filmmakers using the charming super 8mm technology with digital recording capability.

It’s easy to use, looks like 8mm film from the old days, and records on digital media. It’s a fun way to spark creativity in young minds.



DAQRI Smart Helmet

This is a virtual reality tool made to be a device for augmented reality apps.  Augmented reality, some say, is the future and it’s making waves with inventions like the Smart Helmet.

Panasonic Rug Speakers

This device is exactly what it sounds like. These speakers can be pointed in any direction and are built into the carpet.  This tool has many potential possibilities in creating interactive learning environments.

XYZ Steam

This is an online curriculum designed to teach a new audience about the use of 3D printers, including two that were designed specifically for educational purposes. Using this program, students will learn how to make models and work with photos, video, assembly, and operation of the printers.  They will learn all of its possibilities and more!

ASUS C202 Chromebook

This is a great new laptop specifically designed for classrooms. It’s built for an educational environment so kids can put this device “ through the ringer” without falling apart.

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