What You Need To Know About ESSA!

ESSA & Computer Science

ESSA is changing the curriculum for schools. 

Because of the enactment of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a new age of federal regulation of schools has been entered, welcoming computer science as a core subject in education. ESSA is replacing the No Child Left Behind Act that was passed during the Bush administration and helps to shift oversights on evaluations on the federal level to the states.

ESSA is also helping to bring in new goals and priorities for schools throughout the country. The new goals include a focus on STEM education topics, computer science, as well as other core subjects, including science, writing, technology, mathematics, and engineering, fulfilling ESSA’s definition of a “well-rounded education.”

The definition for a well-rounded education is a milestone for computer science education. When local and state policymakers see that computer science is considered a component of a well-rounded education, it will help them make better choices of where to use the federal money that will go towards activities to help support various subjects.

ESSA helps give more implementation and decision making power to local governments rather than the Federal Government. The passing of ESSA is a huge step by the federal government towards the long-term vision that all students deserve the opportunity to learn computer science. ESSA is helping to promise an e-learning environment for all students.

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