Cute Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the Christmas season by making these crafts with your kids.

It might be hard to believe, but Christmas is almost here. If it snuck up on you, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to soak up the season, and you can do that with your kids and come away with keepsakes to treasure through the holidays by making these crafts.

Gumdrop Pops

Add these to stockings, gifts for teachers, or just enjoy them yourself! Get your kids to stack holiday colored gumdrops on wooden skewers to make snowmen, trees, and more. Use sprinkles and frosting to deck them out, and you’ve got a treat that’s literally and emotionally sweet.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Make an adorable, heart-warming piece of holiday décor in less time than it takes to bake a cookie with the cookie cutter ornaments! Lay an aluminum cookie cutter over a picture or pattern that you’ve printed onto thick card stock. Trace around the cutter, then cut out the photo/pattern. Line the edge of the cutter with glue and press it firmly into your cut-out shape. Using a needle, thread thin ribbon through the photo/pattern, looping around the top of the cutter. Thread a bead over both ends of the ribbon to pull it taut over the cutter’s top, tie the tops of the ribbon, and you have a beautiful new ornament!

Tinsel Stars

Buy wired tinsel at your local craft store. Cut three pieces of it in equal length and hand over to the kids to twist into stars with six points. They’ll start by twisting two piece together to make an x, then twisting the third piece around them. You can use these as gift tags or ornaments, so they’re a great multi-purpose, fun, and easy Christmas craft!

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