Common Core & Technology: An Educational Revolution

Common Core & Technology: An Educational Revolution

Teachers who want to make student engagement with the common core easier turn to technology.

Teachers are facing two new pressures in the classroom. The first is to focus more and more centrally on Common Core Standards and the second is to make sure that their students keep up with our increasingly technologically-dependent world.

Some teachers have allowed the use of devices to ease the transition. Here’s an example – often teachers are stuggle to get their students to annotate as they read. The teacher knows that writing notes will make it easier for students to comprehend and retain information as they read, but students can feel like it’s a hassle to highlight and cram notes in the margin. As an alternative, teachers can have their students take notes on a tablet or computer. Most students today can type more quickly than they write, so this will make it easier for them to keep up their reading pace while also tracking what they’ve read.

Let’s look at another example. Students are in the science lab, performing an experiment. They might forget to take notes as they go, making it challenging to complete their write-ups. If, however, you give students the freedom to take pictures and capture video with their phones as they go, you empower them to collect the information they need. Plus, they can then easily share those lab “notes” via email with their peers, simplifying group project communication.

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