The Future of Tech In Schools

The Future of Tech In Schools

Tech can be best used in schools by using these 14 elements.

In an effort to help today’s educators stay ahead of the technology curve, the International Society for Technology in Education has laid out 14 elements (they call them essential conditions) that are key for making the most of technology in education. Here’s a quick look at them:

  1. Shared Vision. Everyone in the educational process—from administration to parents to teachers—needs to collaborate on shared vision for technology in the classroom.
  2. Empowered Leaders. Everyone needs to have the skills, resources, education, etc. they need to teach with technology.
  3. Implementation Planning. The shared vision needs to be strategically planned and implemented.
  4. Consistent & Adequate Funding. In order to support this shift towards technology, steady funding is important.
  5. Equitable Access. Every student, teacher, and staff member should have access to the technology they need.
  6. Skilled Personnel. Teachers and staff must know how to choose—and use—the right tech resources.
  7. Ongoing Professional Learning. To keep up with our changing world, teachers need time for and access to regularly technology education.
  8. Technical Support. Information and communication technology help and resources need to be available.
  9. Curriculum Framework. The use of technology in the classroom must parallel and support existing learning standards.
  10. Student-Centered Learning. Everything should center on what the students can do, what they need, and what they want.
  11. Assessment & Evaluation. Regular pauses should be taken to reflect on how technology is being used.
  12. Engaged Communities. The community needs to work with educators and staff to support and fund technology in education.
  13. Support Policies. Financial plans and policies need to align with technology use in the classroom.
  14. Supportive External Context. From the local to national level, initiatives and policies must support technology implementation.

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