Tips To Improve Security On Your Student’s Smartphone

Tips To Improve Security On Your Student's Smartphone

Use these methods to up the security on your smartphone.

Today, most kids enter their teen years with a smartphone in hand – but most do not know how to use the device safely. Fortunately, you can help. Use these tips to step up the security on your student’s smartphone

  • This first thing you should do after buying your kid a smartphone is set a password or PIN on it. That way, if your kid loses his or her phone, whoever picks it up won’t immediately have access to his or her personal correspondences, contact information, and more!
  • While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to also set up parental controls. With these settings, you can rest easy knowing that although your kid has a smartphone, he or she isn’t necessarily gaining access to everything inappropriate on the Internet.
  • You wouldn’t use a computer without security software, so why would you do the same with a mini computer, i.e. your smartphone? Take the time to install the right mobile security software on your child’s smartphone to protect against viruses and hacks.
  • Similarly, to avoid an unnoticed dangerous download adjust the smartphone’s settings so it doesn’t automatically connect to public Wi-Fi. It’s best if your child only uses Wi-Fi from trusted sources.
  • Finally, get set up so you have the ability to remotely wipe the smartphone should it become lost or get stolen. With this functionality, you can protect the data stored on your kid’s smartphone even if you don’t have tangible access to it.

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