Halloween Crafts & Costumes For Kids

Halloween Crafts & Costumes For Kids

Kid-easy crafts and simple costumes you can make for your kids to enjoy this Halloween! Halloween’s just around the corner. Get in the spirit with these fun DIY crafts and costumes that your kids will love!

  • Mummy Candy Cups: 

What you’ll need:

Disposable plastic cups

Roll of Gauze

Googly Eyes

Tacky Glue

Cotton Balls (or plastic bottle caps)

Take a disposable plastic cup (preferably in clear or white- you can always paint if you need to!). Use tacky glue to attach two googly eyes to the cup, then add a “nose” right below by gluing a cotton ball (or plastic bottle cap) where a nose should go. Take the gauze roll and glue one end on the back of your cup, towards the bottom. Wind it up towards the top, covering the nose but leaving the eyes exposed. Just like that, you have a fun, Halloween-themed candy cup!

  • No-Sew Superhero Cape: 

What you’ll need:

T-Shirt (pick an oversized Tee that works for you child’s size – more info below on this)

Felt (pick the color(s) that work for your superhero logo)



  • Want to make your kid a cool superhero cape without having to dig out your sewing machine? It’s easy! First, find an old large t-shirt in a color that works with your superhero (like black for Batman or red for Superman) (you can buy t-shirts in most any color or size at craft stores as well).  Using a t-shirt for this project is brilliant because t-shirt material doesn’t unravel so you don’t have to hem it and it already has all the parts you need to make a cape.  Use a t-shirt with a blank back – so you can decorate it with your child’s superhero logo (more on that below). Lay your shirt out flat, front side down, on your kitchen table. Using your scissors, cut up the sides of the shirt to the top of each shoulder. Then pull the two sides of the t-shirt apart so that the inside of the t-shirt is against the table. Now take your scissors and continue cutting at an angle to cut around the base of the neck band – all the way around to the other side. That’s it! Now you can decorate the cape with your child’s superhero logo by tracing and cutting it out of the appropriate colored felt and just gluing it on. Once dry just slip the cut out neckband over your kid’s head and they’re good to go!


  • Spooky Spiral Paper Ghosts:

What you’ll need:

White construction paper

Black construction paper

Glue stick

Lightweight string or clear fishing line

On a large piece of white construction paper, draw a ghost-shaped head with a tail that spirals around it at least a couple of times. Cut it out your ghost and create a friendly face by cutting eyes and a smile out of black construction paper and gluing them on with your glue stick. Poke a small hole the top of the ghost and hang it for a gently-twirling ghoul to greet your guests!

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