STEM’s Next Generation Of Leaders

STEM's Next Generation Of Leaders

These up-and-coming great minds are sure to shape our future!

Educators have been working hard to prepare their students for a global economy. One of the ways they have accomplished this goal is by equipping students in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students involved in STEM programs are empowered to make a global impact – and we’re already starting to see some amazing results.

Here are a few of tomorrow’s STEM leaders who are real standouts. We’re excited to see what they produce in the coming years…

  • For a long time, printing in Braille has been cost prohibitive because most Braille printers retail for over $2,000. When Shubham Banerjee (13) learned of this exorbitant cost, he determined to do something about it. Using the pieces from a Lego Mindstorms EV3 set and some parts he picked up a local hardware store, he built a Braille printer that can retail for just $350!
  • Angela Zhang (20) has worked with the iron oxide gold nanoparticle, which she and a team of Stanford scientists discovered can bind to biomarkers in some cancer cells, detecting the presence of cancer in the body. More impressively, this nanoparticle can take chemotherapy directly to affected cells, bypassing healthy ones.
  • David Cohen (13) has not just one, but three, impressive robots that could solve serious problems. It all began when he developed a robot mimicking the musculature system of an earthworm to rescue people stranded by natural disasters. From there, he built a robot that can kill mosquitoes while they’re still immature, stopping the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses in its tracks. Finally, he has a third robot, on which he’s currently working, that he says will help get injured people quickly to the safety they need.

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