Google’s Classroom API Now Available To The Public

Google's Classroom API Now Available To The Public

Google offers their Classroom application program interface to you!

Google Classroom has been revolutionizing schools across the country and they continue to be a game changer for students and teachers alike.

Google has made it easier to use their tools for enhanced teaching and learning by offering their application program interface (API) to the public. There was serious buzz around API when Google previewed it in June. Google rolled out API in early August.

Essentially, API eases the strain on developers and administrators to manage courses, Google Classrooms, and individual students. With API, any educator can sync their classroom assignments and roster to third-party platforms including, but not limited to, learning management and student information systems.

Don’t worry – your users won’t get carried away with their third-party application use. As an administrator, API gives you control to restrict access in an Admin Console, keeping things under control. Additionally, Google’s API makes it possible for educators to use their apps more efficiently in Google Classroom.

Gone are the days when students needed to learn complicated access codes to get into Google Classroom. With API, inviting a student to a Classroom is easy! All you have to do is send out an invite to that particular student, and it will be customized to his or her needs in the Classroom.

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