iPad Pro Update: What You Need To Know

iPad Pro Update: What You Need To Know

The latest and greatest features of Apple’s iPad Pro.

We are excited about the new iPad Pro!

Available in November, the iPad Pro promises a bevvy of features that could just make it your favorite device – ever. Apple is calling it “Thin. Light. Epic.” Boasting a 12.9-inch Retina display screen it weighs just 1.57 pounds (for reference, first-generation iPads weight 1.54 pounds), the iPad Pro has .9 inches on the MacBook. Yes, you read that right. This screen is larger than some laptops!

It also offers integration with awesome Apple Pencil (which gives you amazing pressure sensitive-control of your screen) and Apple’s Smart Keyboard, for those who like the feel of a keyboard when typing.

The iPad Pro isn’t just about the look and feel, though. It’s also has a faster A9X chip which is touted to impressively outstrip the speed of the iPad Air 2’s A8X chip.

If you’re looking for laptop-grade speed and capability with table-grade portability, the iPad Pro promises to deliver. The Pro starts at $799 for its 32GB model without cellular capability. The Pencil is $99 and Smart Keyboard is $169. Altogether, that’s getting close to laptop-level prices, but if the Pro delivers the expected new device Apple experience we have come to love, it could just replace your laptop altogether.

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