Trending: AV Technology For Schools

Trending: AV Technology For Schools

A look at AV technology trends in today’s school.

Just a decade ago, audiovisual (AV) technology in the classroom looked like overhead projectors. Today, that technological landscape in our schools has shifted dramatically, and more and more AV technology is being brought into classrooms to increase collaboration and active learning. Here is a look at a few of the trends that are driving the increase of AV integration in schools.

  • Content Is Shared Collaboratively. Wireless connectivity has become crucial for schools as teachers across districts share resources and lesson plans. Now, wireless collaboration on tablets, laptops, and even smartphones empowers students to team up with one another. Not only does this take group projects to the next level, it also enables students to leverage one another for an enhanced educational experience.
  • Projectors Are Different. As mentioned above, overhead projectors have had their day. In their place come new projectors with touch screen integration. Many of these even allow users to operate the touch screen with their finger rather than a stylus, making it easier for any student to hop out of his or her seat and get involved.
  • Videoconferencing Is On The Rise. In the past, if teachers wanted to bring in an expert to speak to their class, they needed to figure out a way to physically bring him or her in. Today, they can call on anyone, anywhere in the world to expand their class’s exposure to certain subjects. With newer, cheaper, and more reliable videoconferencing programs, students can get face time access to experts all over the world!

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