K-6 Students Can Learn Cyber Security For Free!

New kit offers students the chance to learn about cyber security.  

Cyber security is not a new concern, but it has exponentially grown in seriousness. As businesses and individuals alike face cyber security breaches resulting in everything from stolen identities to millions of dollars of damages, it is increasingly apparent that we all need to know a thing or two about keeping ourselves digitally secure.

In an effort to help children learn this crucial skill, the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program office has assembled a kit that instructs K-6 students about online safety. The best part is that they’re offering it to schools for free!

Called the Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative, this kit is made up of three modules. In “Security Showdown,” K-3 students can learn the basics of personal digital security in English or Spanish. Students grades 4-6 have two modules in which to work: “Clean-Up,” which guides them through running a virus removal program that addresses worms, viruses, and Trojan horses and “Danger Bots,” a game where they utilize their cybersecurity skills to take down threats in a simulated city.

In addition to these student resources, the Elementary School Cyber Education Initiative gives educators a comprehensive guide, curriculum slides, and materials to hand out to parents. It also comes with certificates to recognize students when they finish modules.

The goal of this free kit is to give parents and educators the tools they need to start instilling the importance of, and practices in, cyber security at a young age. Because more and more students are active online during elementary school, this kit will help safeguard them against dangers they likely didn’t even know exist!

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