Chicago Geek Street Festival Teaches Kids Tech

Chicago Geek Street Festival Teaches Kids Tech

How Google and Chicago joined forces to bring science, technology, education, and fun to kids!

As a kid, your interests can blossom overnight. One great experience or point of fascination can open up a whole new world to you. To capitalize on this, Google and the city of Chicago hosted their first Chicago Geek Street Festival, which brought together 5,000 kids from all over the city via free transportation to learn about science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

Targeting kids ages 8 to 14, this huge festival offered a hands-on learning environment for its attendees. Kids got the chance to virtually visit anywhere in the world with Google Cardboard, a cardboard headset into which an iPhone running Google Earth was fitted. They could learn and practice coding with Google experts close at hand to guide them.  They had the opportunity to connect with professionals in STEAM industries so they could spend face-to-face time with people behind the technology they use everyday. Ultimately, the Chicago Geek Street Festival aimed at cultivating curiosity and fostering any interest attendees showed in STEAM industries.

Why does this matter? In addition to the obvious importance of exposing tomorrow’s leaders to every possible field so they can most fully explore their interests, it’s also important for the American economy. Experts project that just five years from now, there will be one million computing jobs that for which we simply will not have qualified graduates. The Chicago Geek Street Festival is just one important effort to cultivate an interest in this burgeoning industry, giving kids opportunities for great jobs and supporting domestic technological advancement.

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