3 Apps Your School Will Love

Some Of The Best Education Apps For Schools

Educators often share with us that technology can make their job easier … but sometimes it actually makes their job harder … and here’s why: Finding the right technology – some apps require too much effort, some are too confusing to use, and some just don’t meet their needs.

Here are a few educational apps schools have shared with us – that they love using.

  • Wonderopolis: Each day, this app will ask your students a question known as the Wonder of the Day. The answer is shown through videos, images, texts, and more, engaging your students and cultivating curiosity in them. You can use Wonderopolis to quiz your students’ knowledge, work in vocabulary lessons, and discover activities that will offer deeper learning for your students. The content on Wonderopolis is in line with the Common Core State Standards.
  • WeVideo Video Editor: With this tool, teachers and students can take and import video clips, then overlay them with music, captions, and voice-overs. Based out of the cloud, WeVideo makes it easy for teachers to capture videos of lessons that will be easy for students to follow. Additionally, students can pick up where they left off in a video, meaning you have the freedom to create content that may take more than one class period to complete. Students can also use this app to create video presentations.
  • Light-Bot: Learning coding language is crucial in setting your students up for success in our digital age. You can start them early with this app that works for K-12 students. In it, students will use loops, if-then statements, and other programming logic to guide a robot towards a specified destination.

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